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The Tapestry

You look at your life

And it is like bits and pieces of fabric.

Some pieces you would like to just forget about.

Some things you may even be ashamed of.

But the Lord wants you to know that throughout your life,

He has been weaving the threads of salvation and redemption.

He is the Master Weaver.

One day, you will look at the tapestry of your life

And even you will be in awe of the beauty God has created.

If you look very close, you will see shiny threads of gold

That make the whole tapestry glitter and sparkle.

These are the threads of grace and mercy.

So, don’t be tempted to discard a piece of fabric.

Don’t even trim the loose ravels.

He is the One desiring to put everything in place.

He has breathed the Spirit of Life within you.

He cares for you and He loves you.

Kimberley Formosa © 2009

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Hello world!

Welcome to Threads of Red where I hope you will find the inspiration to love and be loved.

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