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Good Night

Deepening the sky
Day has gone away, again.
Good night, Love, good night.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010


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Nourished by my soul

Feasting with desire

A red camisole

Eyes of clear sapphire

Feasting with desire

As Eve in the garden

Eyes of clear sapphire

All his love beholden

As Eve in the garden

Our hearts now intertwined

All his love beholden

Honeysuckle on the vine

Our hearts now intertwined

The sun, the moon, and stars

Honeysuckle on the vine

Lovely dreams from afar

The sun, the moon, and stars

A red camisole

Lovely dreams from afar

Nourished by my soul

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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I bare my soul

as the ink leaves my pen

to cover this page

With the secrets

From my heart and my love

My tears and my hopes

My fears and my prayers

And my imagination

I bare my soul in this way

To identify with the truth that is

Abiding there

The truth abiding

In my heart, my mind, and my life

Maybe, just maybe,

as I write these words

and as you read these words

We might discover that flame

burning bright and steady

from within.

Allow the truth of your beauty

That light that urges you forward,

That burning that resides deep,

deep within your soul

To be captivated by

Your heart and your love

Your tears and your hopes

Your fears and your prayers

And your imagination

Allow your truth to carry you

Throughout each moment

Life presents to you.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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My brown baby

Those sparkling hazel eyes

That dimple

Revealing your orneriness and

So easily causing

forgiveness and


You always have such a fine

way of changing the subject

Pockets full of rocks

Especially the ones shaped

Like a heart

When you were little

You saw hearts everywhere

In the clouds

In your footsteps

Even in the crumbs

that fell from your toast

Your smile can last for an eternity

As well as the glimmer in your eye

You have never allowed the harshness

Of others to penetrate you

Through the years you received

The unjust turmoil begrudged by those

You loved and adored

Yet your truth has always prevailed

Your smile carries on

The gleam in your eyes is

Undeniably Provocative and


The essence of who you are

Your creativity

Your joy

Your integrity

Blesses my heart

With every thought of you.

I love you Adam.

Happy Birthday!


Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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Here it is, 11:30 PM, on Valentine’s Eve, and I am sitting here at my computer, ready to pour my heart out to you. I have felt guilty for not having written since Wednesday evening when I wanted to write every day until Valentine’s Day. I am guilty because my daughter had to go the emergency room for a concussion, sustained while snowboarding, without a helmet. I am guilty because I work; I am a wife; I am a mom; and I have been busy starting a business. I am guilty because my body literally goes into a revolt when I do everything I want to do. I am guilty for taking the time to offer my prayers, thoughts, and love to a friend that lost a family member and a family member that was stricken by a disease that does not belong to her.

But I have a secret!! I don’t need to feel guilty, ever. That is, if my heart is right. Who determines the rightness of our hearts? I believe that Jesus Christ does that. Who do you believe judges your thoughts, motives, and actions? I have a story to tell you…

My Bouquet

One day, I was alone and giving thanks and gratitude to my Lord and Saviour. I love Him so much that I wanted to do something tremendous for Him. I wanted to give Him my heart and my soul so that I could spend an eternity with Him.

As I offered them up to Him through my prayers and love, my heart and my soul became an immense bouquet of flowers in His presence. I saw the Lord look upon my bouquet and He took the time to admire the beauty of each flower. He inhaled the fragrance so deeply it was as though He was drinking the fragrance that was permeating from each bloom.

With His hands wrapped around the bouquet, He looked at it again, as a proud gardener would after a season of cultivating, watering, feeding, pruning, and then finally, gathering. He appeared very pleased with His work. When I saw His face so full of contentment, I felt so completely at peace. I had pleased my Lord. He was happy.

All of a sudden, dismay took a hold of my heart at what I saw. My Lord began taking one flower at a time and gave them to the people who were standing around me. I thought He would keep my bouquet. But my Lord didn’t need to keep it. He wanted to share the gift I had offered Him.

Every moment of every day we have the choice of giving our heart and our soul to God. We have the choice of giving Him every thought and every action throughout every moment of our existence. By doing so, we give to those around us, family, friends, neighbors, and strangers alike.

Some may have a great variety of lovely wildflowers in their bouquet such as the one who always has a kind word and a thoughtful deed, a smile, and a prayer. Others may have a vibrantly colored bouquet because their gift is in sharing a passion and excitement for each person they meet and for the essence of life itself. While others offer dainty flowers like the delicate snowdrops; they have the gift of sharing life with those whose worlds seem so barren and desolate. Some have flowers such as the rose or the hydrangea, which speak more of eternal gifts, because their beauty lingers into the dried state. When life leaves these flowers, their beauty still exists. They leave a memory of their beauty which cannot be easily forgotten.

As I watched the Lord give away the flowers I gave to Him, I began to understand. He gave, and gave. And I watched. I went from complete awe of what He did in my life, to dismay that He was giving away what I had given Him, to a sweet understanding of what was happening. My bouquet never diminished, it never got smaller. He gave away flower after flower and there were always more. He was drinking the fragrance of my love for Him and then sharing it with those that my life touched, every moment of every day. I realized that my gifts to Him should be freely given as He has given freely to me.

This is my Valentine’s gift to you. You are so special and I am so blessed that you are a part of my life. Yes, I failed in my commitment to write the past few days. But when I look at my heart, I know that He loves me. I know that He loves you. And we are all beautiful in His sight. My daughter is doing fine. My husband loves me. I am so blessed as the mother of six fabulous children and a lovely granddaughter. My business will be successful and prosperous. My prayers are fervent for my friend and his family to carry them through this time of grief. My faith sees a miracle for my loved ones that are suffering with the implications of multiple sclerosis. As for myself, I believe and I am thankful for strength, health and peace in every moment.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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Dedicated to Maria Felicia Porco Formosa

You touched my heart

Showing me love.

You opened my eyes

Revealing much beauty.

You kissed my cheek

Displaying sweet tenderness.

The winds of love have blown

A seed of memory

Now buried deep within my soul.

Your bloom lives on forever.

A part of who you were

Has made me who I am.


Everywhere I go.

Everything I see and

Every word I speak,

Begins with a precious thought of you.

Thank you for all you have given.

Thank you for the beautiful memories.

Today I learned from a forever friend, that a family member had passed on. Please accept my sympathy, love, and prayers.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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My Heart

My thoughts belong to you,

And so my heart.

My pleasure is to please you,

And so loves’ hand does write.

Who has captured your heart? Who makes you go crazy inside, and sometimes on the outside? Do you ever feel like you just want to do something beautiful for them? Have you thought about writing down your thoughts to them? Take some quiet time with a favorite pen and a piece of paper and your heart, and write what you find there. It will be flawless. Those words that you choose, be they many or just a few, will be perfect, because they will be from you. Share your beauty with another.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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