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Cruel words


blind and bruised hearts

in a fretful way

try to consume

a virtue held within

a soul that is free

to love and forgive.

The attack may continue.

Truth is ever victor.

When icy shards of bitterness

touch a heart yearning for truth

with a piercing shrill

they crack and fall


So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God. Therefore let us stop passing judgement on one another. Romans 14:12-13

at the feet of their provoker

forming a puddle round about.

Love is so warm

with compassion and


forgiveness and



misunderstanding and


may be lurking.

they may cause tears to flow.

I will remain who I am.

True to the one who holds my heart.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010


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Into my arms you were placed

"Care is a state in which something does matter; it is the source of human tenderness." ~Rollo May

your breath brought life

to be embraced

A fevered brow upon my palm

an anxious heart quietly calmed

His eyes are closed

he lies quite still

Music from my heart

this room will fill

There is loneliness

There are tears

I will comfort through all your fears

By your side

I will hold your hand

as you leave for another land

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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I simply want to show

A bit of loves’ affection

Merely for the sake of peace

Not to trouble

Or cause frustration

To place

A bit of sweetness

Before I close my eyes

A way to enter sleep

By dwelling on thoughts of

You my sweet

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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No matter the texture of my hair

nor my skin, dark or fair

the oceans of my eyes

~take notice~

there is nothing to despise.

There upon discovered lies my soul

a beautiful treasure not many behold.

I’ll take you by the hand

to a faraway distant land

a place where the noble, true, and kind

with yielding hearts,

the nations we will bind.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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Tearful eyes

a sad view

You cannot be found

true as I

do miss you

through this lonely town

My heart sighs

it cries too

tears fall to the ground

Were they lies told by you?

Dreams of love made sound?

truth confides

tears soak through

dreams as they fall down

Are your eyes tearful too?

Lost the heroes crown?


Pain is true

Hiding in the crowd

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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I wonder

does it seem that

the ink in my pen

appears to be dry?

My thoughts are lost

to chasing dreams

While my aspirations

in turn


over my imagination

Then all of a sudden

while being quietly and

persistently warned

My dreams are lost

I am lost

I don’t belong here

Here in this place

of no ink for my pen

the place where dreams

and imagination

flit and float

all about this great expanse

of a sapphire heaven

My dreams

will never

come true

they are


within you

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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My heart lies neither across the meadow

so simple and so pure

Nor beyond the stream

pondering here or even over there

My heart lies not upon the wildflower

whispering in the wind

Nor in the arms of the willow

so safe and so secure

The meadows are the heavens

where all creation is viewed

The stream runs through my soul

quenching me deep within

The wildflower is another sown

bringing forth yet one more

The willow

deep and great

broad and graceful

holds true to the earth and the sun

and to the fondest dream

ever to be won

My heart looks to the heavens

and follows the meandering stream

My heart shares its love again

and seeks the truth

of the untold dream

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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