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There he was

surprising me

with a wink

and a great

bright smile

of joviality

just a few inches

above the

eastern horizon

beckoning the


star struck


to graciously

bear lovely

hues of blue

so my prayers

may bring

me back

to this desert

placed along

side the Pacific

as it thunders

upon its’ edges

sending breezes

to caress me

as I close my eyes

to dream

Kimberley Formosa © 2011


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If there was anything more

I could have done for you

to heal the pain

that struck

your heart

the ache

your mind

the nightmares

your spirit

the tears

mingled with prayers

the betrayal of one

the youngest

that stole away

the beat of your heart

your hopes and dreams

the breath of your life

After walking

that long




with you

holding your hand

singing as you prayed

I promise to you

not to allow

the same

to happen

to me

Born from my womb

some stay

some stray

I choose to live

and love

to find the beauty

in every breath

She didn’t die

She stopped living

Then she was dead

Kimberley Formosa © 2011

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