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Without you.



has claimed me


which helps

this pen

to pour its ink

upon these


words from a wounded heart

which has realized

the truth

of the years

which do not lie

the dreams of a soul

which has learned

to appreciate

Life size statue of a woman at Oak Grove Cemetery in La Crosse, Wisconsin

the bitterness

of the tears

which stain

my cheeks

Tis true

we lie our heads

down to sleep

under the same moon

Tis true

the sun rises

each morning

kissing the dew away

every day

without you

Kimberley Formosa © 2011


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That is all it was

The Willow Tree Fountain. Chatsworth.

Just a few days

Not a lifetime

A collision of emotion

escorted by memories

strengthened by


likened to the force

of a glorious fountain

wit and wisdom



the flow of life

Hope of affection

Fell incredulously




Never to be forgotten

Kimberley Formosa © 2011

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If there was anything more

I could have done for you

to heal the pain

that struck

your heart

the ache

your mind

the nightmares

your spirit

the tears

mingled with prayers

the betrayal of one

the youngest

that stole away

the beat of your heart

your hopes and dreams

the breath of your life

After walking

that long




with you

holding your hand

singing as you prayed

I promise to you

not to allow

the same

to happen

to me

Born from my womb

some stay

some stray

I choose to live

and love

to find the beauty

in every breath

She didn’t die

She stopped living

Then she was dead

Kimberley Formosa © 2011

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One golden strand

of fur.

Is there ever only one

We love you Sammy!

strand of

golden fur?

Absolutely Not.

There are billows of fur.

Enough to make

the softest and

cushiest pillows

of fur.

There are piles of fur

cascading down

the stairs fur.

attempting to follow

as you walk

from one room

to the next fur.

Well, there is enough fur

to cover your clothes

with fur.

Golden fur has integrated

into every area

of our home

and our cars

and our laps

and our hearts.

Kimberley Formosa © 2011

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I wrote this poem for my sister several years ago. Her birthday is only 31 min away as I begin to write this post and I wanted to share it with her, and with you, my reader. I hope it brings a smile to you and I hope that if you have a sibling you don’t get to see as much as you like, that you might think of them and whisper a little prayer. The charm of this poem lies in the fact that my sister and I are the same age for 10 days! So my sister, Lynne, takes every advantage possible, even 500 miles apart, even while flying over Baghdad, even while saving and caring for all of her lovely creatures, great and small, to make sure that I know I am older than she! But, in truth, we are the same age for 10 days. And to that bit I hold onto dearly. It is a much lesser time for me to cherish than her with having 355 days to flaunt her youth!

Welcome to the forties

April babies must be the most unique, creative, and loving people ever! Happy Birthday Lynne! I love you so much!

Oh! All of the stories

For the next ten days you see

You are just as old as me

That fact you cannot deny

Nor tell the slightest little lie

For when all is said and done

I will then turn forty-one.

So do not fear

My sweet sister dear

You will again be younger than I

And you may hear me gently sigh

My! How each new year does quietly pass

Much too quick and much too fast.

Welcome to the fourth decade of our lives.

Be happy! We’re still young enough to dance and jive.

(You don’t always have to make me go first.)

I say we go celebrate and buy a new purse!

Kimberley Formosa © 2011

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two spools

laden with fibers

of the same weight



may actually

be tainted with deception

lying the threads

side by side

on a contrasting background

in the light of a golden

autumns’ afternoon

those threads can fool and shame

even the most discriminating eye

even the eye that belongs to the hands

that wishes to marry these two threads

to conceive something

so beautiful

it might be cherished

for generations to come

upon thorough inspection

the threads are confidently joined

to make a beautiful garment

holy sacrament





feverishly producing

woven threads

in a moment

truth speaks what

cannot be denied

deception has clearly


bold and brazen

there is not one color

named ecru

there is no time

for discussion


pulling apart


soon these hands were plunging

this most lovely handiwork

into a pot of warm black tea

woven in time

with love

steeped to hide

two colors named ecru

to cover the disparity

to rid the shame

of what should have been and

isn’t and

will never be

Kimberley Formosa © 2011

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Misty Blue

Not a word or sound

Not a touch

But an innocent

Captivating look

You allowed me

To peer into your soul

In that instant

My breath halted

My heart raced

Though only a glimpse

I cannot forget

That closeness

Which makes me want more

I dream of you now

I dream of your eyes

I dream of the depth and

Of the beauty of your soul

I dream of that one moment

Where not a word or a touch

Drew me close

It was your eyes of

Misty blue

Kimberley Formosa © 2011

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