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A young child

a grandson

two years old


in the front seat

behind the wheel

of a convertible

with the roof





the sun out

skies of blue

with Grandma


at his side

bounteous smiles


with love


at his other side

standing outside

of course

cause grandbaby

has it all

under control


pale with

reddened eyes

as though she slept

upon clenched fists

long unkempt hair

dirty clothes

her body crying

for more heroin


I could feel her

writhing pain

in the middle of town

the sun out

skies of blue

she bent down

picking up a



smoked cigarette

we each caught

a glimpse of the other

she looked down


maybe in shame

I looked up


maybe with hope

and a prayer

for her life


There we were

crossing the

Hot Metal Bridge

all along

the entire span

were strung











Photo by Ed Rieker for Aerie by American Eagle



bras in every color

every texture

every cup size

all strung there

high above

the sun out

skies of blue

hope gleaming down


breast cancer

far, far, away

Kimberley Formosa © 2011


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Dedicated to Lacey.

A chocolate morsel of a moral.

A sign of character

Inner Strength





Is so often viewed during times of success

Climbing the Ladder


The Winner Takes All




Gold Medal


Yet it is in my

Trials of enduring the unknown, fear, pain

Attempts to better myself and the lives I encounter

Choice to bring beauty, hope, peace into my world

Devotion to remain true to my God and those I love

Conscious decision that ultimately

reflects my attitude toward either

promoting the positive or the adverse

in any given moment


My character should not be measured by my success

but by the path I walk.


Which brings me now to the title of this poem,

that obviously took me to a place I knew not of

when I first contemplated the idea of


Chocolate Mousse


I know of a young girl

of who shall I say

has had a burden to bear

for the last eight months

of her teenage life.

She has been

Accused of portraying her injury by both adults and her peers.

These accusations have been made publicly.

          Privately whispered in her ear.

                   Rumored from one to another.

In front of her.                                      Behind her back.

All of these accusations were committed and endured

repeatedly for quite a long time.

To be followed by a few apologies. Not many, not all, only a few.

Finally, after all of the accusations quiet, or so we may assume since we have heard of none recently, her physical symptoms escalate. She is faced with the reality and possibility of two debilitating and fearful diseases. What does this young girl do at the end of the day?

She does something beautiful.

She makes Chocolate Mousse.

Not the instant kind. Oh no.

The egg yolk

Whipping heavy cream

Melting lovely chocolate

Blending it all together

Until a heavenly loveliness

Is rendered by her

Caring and thoughtful ways.

And then she shares.

At the end of her day

She focuses on hope

Living her life to prove it.

Where do you find yourself when most everyone you respect turns their back on you? She had to advocate for herself in many situations where adults were in complete defiance, not only to their chosen profession, but to an ailing child. Those that had the power to help her rallied together and claimed they had “no obligation” to help her. They had “no obligation” to care for her needs unless it was included on a signed legal agreement. Really, I am telling you the truth. They had “no obligation.” Bear with me here as I write it one more time to coincide with how many times they communicated it verbally and written about an injured child. “We have no obligation…”

From out of pain, beauty.


Are you strong enough to remain beautiful when your health, your livelihood and even your life are in jeopardy of never being who you were before tragedy strikes? Can you even endure the thought that your tomorrow may never be? Can you lay your head down to slumber knowing that you chose not to be obligated to another human being when it was indeed in your power to initiate change?

Will you make Chocolate Mousse

Bake cookies or bread

Smile in the mirror

Pick a flower

Call an old friend

Be kind to yourself

Or another

Or maybe a stranger

Would you rather be greeted by dreams of peace

because you have thus spent your day?

Giving has such a remarkable way of lingering

Within the very heart that chose to give.

Kimberley Formosa © 2011

http://markconner.typepad.com/ A Picture of HOPE January 23, 2011



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No matter the texture of my hair

nor my skin, dark or fair

the oceans of my eyes

~take notice~

there is nothing to despise.

There upon discovered lies my soul

a beautiful treasure not many behold.

I’ll take you by the hand

to a faraway distant land

a place where the noble, true, and kind

with yielding hearts,

the nations we will bind.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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A moment with Samuel.


oh, so gently

His eyes gazed

upon my hand

His fingers took mine

in that instant

I was made to see

all the purity and innocence

innate since birth

not an evil in this world

could steal it away




skin as soft as the

petal of a rose



of indelible love

placed within the

palm of my hand

He then drew my hand close

as if to hold it near his heart

His nobility is angelic

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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Dedicated to the victims and survivors of physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

the spirit

being embraced

within this human being

the soul

being housed

within this heart and mind

cannot be imprisoned

by your immoral actions

your disrespectful

condescending words

you have

bruised my flesh

choked me

with your insolence

forced me to swallow

your vile poisons




harm was imposed upon

all of the inhabitants

of our home

young as they were

some are still

prying the fingers of

fear and disrespect

which had grasped such a hold

upon their tender hearts

you, thus far,

have lived a life

protected by impunity

Justice has now claimed her due.

I am who I am.

Never will there ever be a moment

in my life that you can lay claim to.

With grace


hope and love

I have unloaded the burdens

you would have me carry.

I have broken the chains of fear.

I am, once again, beautiful me.

My prayers lie in the hope

that my heart

my words

my actions,

would never turn to such


as I have experienced.

I pray that my

Most Holy Reverend Father God

would never find me

guilty of contempt.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010


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I often go to the

deep crevices

of my Heart


and Soul

where one treasures



and Moments

to find you

to cherish the Beauty


at one time


who we were

to the other

a blanket of


and Prayers

uttered with tears

are all I have

to comfort my Misery

to ease the burden

of the Loneliness lurking

in every waking moment

and daring to captivate





is languishing

the Bitterness

I miss you


yet I am


cleaving to

the Sweetness

I love you


Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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Jesύs te  ama                (Spanish)

Lyubov Maistrova, 15 ~Children of Chernobyl Foundation

Jésus vous aime      (French)

ישו אוהב אותך                    (Hebrew)

Gesύ vi ama               (Italian)

Jesus loves you

Bless the children of the world

Lord, we love them

Bless the children with the gift of life

Lord, we love them

Yῑśu nē tumhēm pyara karatā hai     (Hindi)

Jesus is life vir jou      (Afrikaans)

Yēsū ài nĭ       (Chinese)

Jezi renmen ou       (Haitian Creole)

Jesus loves you

Bless the children of the world

Lord, we love them

Bless the children with the gift of life

Lord, we love them

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14 Thompson Chain-Reference Bible NIV

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

Translations by Google Translate

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