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That is all it was

The Willow Tree Fountain. Chatsworth.

Just a few days

Not a lifetime

A collision of emotion

escorted by memories

strengthened by


likened to the force

of a glorious fountain

wit and wisdom



the flow of life

Hope of affection

Fell incredulously




Never to be forgotten

Kimberley Formosa © 2011


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My Angel

 Blue eyes

and hazel

A legacy of love born

From out of youth’s devotion

 Parted ways cause

Lonely days

Sharing now


Lingering beauty of the heavens


Longing hope of our dreams

and the

Splendid memories of our first

Starry night

 The beauty of two intertwined

In my mind


Forever in heaven

 My Angel 


Heaven Can Wait













Kimberley Formosa © 2011




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I arose this morning

to a brand new day

the sun warmed the sky

a dove cooed her love

the dew, like diamonds,

sparkled and shone.

And I stand here in your presence

with joy in my heart

knowing that I am your very own.

I sing my love to you

all the day though,

my Lord and my Savior,

the Word forever true.

…To him belongs eternal praise. Psalm 111:10  Thompson Chain-Reference Bible NIV

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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A Diamond Ring

Bounding toward the realm
Where life and love
Eclipse the heart.
Hopes are swift-enclosing
The passions of desire.

This is an eclipse photo as seen from the moon. The earth is in front of the sun. This eclipse was so aptly named as the first “Diamond Ring.” Quite perfect for Valentine’s Day!

What special plans do you have with your loved one? your children? your friends? your elderly neighbor?

I remember my very first Valentine’s Day as a new mom. I loved my baby boy so much but I was alone, being a single mom. I had family support but the most awesome person in my life at the time was my grandmother. She was always there for me. I never, ever doubted her love for me. On that Valentine’s Day, she gave me a card and a bottle of perfume and said “This is from Brian.” It was so beautiful and touching. He was in the car seat in the back and tears just flooded my eyes.

My Grandmother was widowed more than 5 years at that time. Instead of lingering in her loss, she extended thoughtfulness to me. I never forgot that. I always made sure to do something for her or give her a card with some beautiful words or a small gift to show her how much I loved her. As she aged and then moved closer to my father, phone calls were wonderful. Sometimes I would make day trips to go visit her and feed her a meal.

My grandmother is gone now. To remember her, and to feel close to her, I spray her perfume. This past Christmas I would spray it on the furniture in the living room and then walk around the house all day with a smile on my face because I was thinking of her. Then, one of the boys sat in the recliner before the perfume dissipated…and he smelled just like his great-grandmother!

If you are alone this holiday, reach out and share your gift of love with someone. They may remember it for the rest of their life.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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constantly draws me close to the heart of God.

I arose this morning to a brand new day

The sun warmed the sky

A dove cooed her love

The dew like diamonds sparkled and shone

And I stand here in your presence

With joy in my heart

Knowing that I am your very own

I sing my love to you

All the day through

My Lord and my Saviour, the Word, forever true.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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A Rose and a Diamond

I wrote this poem early on Christmas Eve morning, while the moon was still beckoning the world to sleep. I penned these words from a true love story that was whispered to me…and is anticipating a glorious sunrise.

In years long gone away~

We held a rose,

That was just beginning to blossom.

My eyes peered into your soul.

I invited you into my garden.

The perfume of that rose intoxicated us.

Perfection swirled in the heavens.

That night held a diamond for us

Only to be lost…

Not long ago, I was granted a wish~

I wished for roses to bloom in winter.

My wish has come true.

We have a Christmas rose in full bloom.

That perfume has brought us back

To the beauty of our passion~

Consuming us

Enveloping our souls

Caressing our spirits

The petals lying delicately upon our skin,

Like velvet.

Perfection visited us again and kissed us.

We found that diamond~

It was in our hearts.

They last forever that way.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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