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One golden strand

of fur.

Is there ever only one

We love you Sammy!

strand of

golden fur?

Absolutely Not.

There are billows of fur.

Enough to make

the softest and

cushiest pillows

of fur.

There are piles of fur

cascading down

the stairs fur.

attempting to follow

as you walk

from one room

to the next fur.

Well, there is enough fur

to cover your clothes

with fur.

Golden fur has integrated

into every area

of our home

and our cars

and our laps

and our hearts.

Kimberley Formosa © 2011


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Bred for income




or even a fair amount of


A mill of puppies.

Whose hands are stained with greed?

How many times have others been alarmed

and asked with uneasiness

“Where did you get him from?”

“He was rescued from a puppy mill.”

And once a solemn  and grave response…

“Oh, so they were going to throw him away.”

But here you are…

Tullamore Dew


from the arms of animal


They compromised your


love and


Then they

planned on simply

discarding you



Tullamore Dew

are not perfect.

Well, I would like to take the opportunity

where my


pours its’ ink

upon these pages to

tell the world

Just how lovely your

brown eyes are

I am so taken aback by the

waves of fur

on your

floppy ears


paintbrush tail

is either

timidly wagging

between your legs

or quite

joyously beating

upon anything or


that has captured your

lavish attention

The kisses given and received

I wouldn’t trade for anything

You have done a

just and noble act

in stealing my



devout observance

of all the sounds and sights

of your new world lends itself to the


cocks and turns of your


My lap will never see another

cold day

with you around

Those mills

“ruined you”

and would have

eliminated you

for your many


But Tully

You have been rescued.

You are loved.

Livie Lady Photography


When you hobble over to me

I smile and pick you up

I hug you and

love you

And you

love me

right back.

I think


that maybe

You rescued me.

If you would like to read more about the tragedy of puppy mills, I would like to suggest “Saving Gracie” by Carol Bradley~how one dog escaped the shadowy world of American puppy mills.                                               http://carolbradley.com/

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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Not too long ago, I heard on the radio a fact that I had never heard before. John Tesh said that dogs do not understand the idea of time. Dogs do not live in the realm of time. They do not know the difference between 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or even 5 hours. That is why dogs are so happy when you come back home.

That made so much sense to me. I thought of the many ways my dogs show their love when I come home. Sometimes Sam is just watching out the living room window until I lock the truck and begin walking up the stairs. Then he runs wholeheartedly to the front door and pretends that he was not on the couch while he was looking out the window. He will wiggle and cry and sometimes sing his lovely dog tune. Sam is teaching Tully to wiggle. But Tully barks really LOUD instead of singing. Hopefully, he will learn to sing like Sam.

Tully and Sam, respectively.

What a beautiful greeting to come home too. After I put my bags down, I settle into my recliner and the puppy gets on my lap and Sam lies on his back. The puppy gets pet and Sam gets a belly rub. At that moment, there can be nothing wrong with the world. There is such content and peace and joy and love, that it must be time for dinner!

I was thinking about this bit of truth the following day when I remembered that God does not exist in time. He just is. He always is. That is it. Very simply, God is, period. Revelations 22:13 says “I am the Alpha and the Omega, [the] Beginning and [the] End, the First and the Last.” 1

God always was and always will be God. I have understood that for a very long time. But then I realized just how much God must be thrilled when I offer him my thoughts, my prayers, and my devotion. How delighted He must be when I express my love and gratitude to Him.

God must be overjoyed every time I come to Him, whether it is 5 minutes from the last time I spent with Him, or 5 hours, or even 5 years. He loves me and He loves you. That is the plain and beautiful truth. You are treasured.

So, the next time your dog goes absolutely crazy with love and excitement over you, take a moment to give thanks to your God, for loving you so much he wanted to show you that in ways of singing, barking, slobber, and shedding fur all over you and your home. If you don’t have a dog, come and visit me and you will soon understand the kind of love I am talking about.  Once again, You are forever cherished.

In those moments that you offer

Love and Gratitude to your God

As your heart seeks after Him

To please Him

with the love from your heart

the actions of your hands

the words of your mouth

your thoughts and your intentions


Every day you will see His beauty

Every moment you will discover His love

You will experience His power

Every day

He will unveil a part of Him

To you

Fall in love with the beauty and majesty of your God every day.

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Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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