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My brown baby

Those sparkling hazel eyes

That dimple

Revealing your orneriness and

So easily causing

forgiveness and


You always have such a fine

way of changing the subject

Pockets full of rocks

Especially the ones shaped

Like a heart

When you were little

You saw hearts everywhere

In the clouds

In your footsteps

Even in the crumbs

that fell from your toast

Your smile can last for an eternity

As well as the glimmer in your eye

You have never allowed the harshness

Of others to penetrate you

Through the years you received

The unjust turmoil begrudged by those

You loved and adored

Yet your truth has always prevailed

Your smile carries on

The gleam in your eyes is

Undeniably Provocative and


The essence of who you are

Your creativity

Your joy

Your integrity

Blesses my heart

With every thought of you.

I love you Adam.

Happy Birthday!


Kimberley Formosa © 2010


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