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Without you.



has claimed me


which helps

this pen

to pour its ink

upon these


words from a wounded heart

which has realized

the truth

of the years

which do not lie

the dreams of a soul

which has learned

to appreciate

Life size statue of a woman at Oak Grove Cemetery in La Crosse, Wisconsin

the bitterness

of the tears

which stain

my cheeks

Tis true

we lie our heads

down to sleep

under the same moon

Tis true

the sun rises

each morning

kissing the dew away

every day

without you

Kimberley Formosa © 2011


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We read to know we are not alone. ~C.S. Lewis

I don’t remember what I was reading when my eyes fell upon this quote. It struck me in such a peculiar way. I sat there and read it again and mulled over it for a few minutes. Eight choice words found their way into my thoughts and inspired me. I identified wholeheartedly with what the author was attempting to convey. As I pondered the realization with the truth of knowing that I am not alone I wrote in my journal:

We write because we know we are not alone.

Loneliness has a way of grasping not only your thoughts and emotions, but also your heart and your hand. You could have everything you have ever dreamed of and suffer from feelings of loneliness. Everyone you love and adore could turn their back on you in an instant and you can feel the cold rush of lonesomeness seem to fill every void within and every place without. The pain of being alone is very real. The pain is real but the loneliness is a falsehood. Please realize that when you feel so dark that your thoughts have become muddled, there are those that care very deeply for you and your situation. Please talk with someone or read a book whose words never fail to encourage you. Words written or spoken have a beautiful way of bringing life, love, and hope by changing the course you are on and providing direction.

How do I know this? I, too, have experienced loneliness in its many forms of solitary anguish.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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