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Thoughts are the blossoms.
Words, in bloom, are the fragrance
To take us away.

There are times when something happens and I am effected by a person, a situation, stress, sickness, and the list goes on and on, instead of being affect-ing . What I say, in so many ways, defines not only who I am, but also the person that my words touch. I learned this as a child and I dedicated my adult life to believing in the goodness of others. Some have called me naïve and too trusting. I came up with a motto during my previous marriage that I would quietly say to myself over and over “I would rather be the one hurting, than the one hurting another.” I couldn’t live with myself let alone sleep at night knowing that I wronged another. Please understand, I am far from perfecting the words I choose, but I do try. I don’t always know what is happening in the other person’s life. But if I look at their heart and their motives, and then look at my heart and my motives, then hopefully I can find that place where healing will be brought into the situation and the lives that I touch every day.

Just imagine  having the opportunity every day to show others the beauty that you possess. That amazes me. Sometimes it is as simple as caring about the ones serving you throughout the day. Do you have gratitude towards what others are doing for you? I really noticed a lack of thankfulness toward others when I worked in the hospital setting. Every person working in that realm of service was there for each other as well as the patients. There were so many times when the nurses aides resented what the nurses needed so the nurses in turn would be irritated by the complacency of the aides. These situations would go around in vicious cycles and these types of engagements occur in every field that is working together within those walls.

It is so easy to say thank you. So easy. Gratitude is such a lovely gift to offer others. Words, kind and loving words, presented with respect can blossom and fill your interior with an overwhelming graciousness that the intoxicating aroma will then affect others. Beautiful words can fill any void in your life and portray to others just how stunning and splendid you are.

You are stunning and your presentation to life is quite splendid. Dwell on that today and see just where your heart takes you.

Proverbs 25:11
A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010


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