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Dedicated to Skylar Felicia. Happy 5th Birthday Beautiful Baby!

Peering out my window, I find a very wintry goodnight…

Dressed in toasty, flannel pajamas

Standing at a cold and frosty window

Looking up at the bright sky bursting with sparkling stars

With the grand old moon shining down on the barren trees.

Pretty white snow covers the ground with the prints of children

That have romped about the day.

“Goodnight Mr. Snowman. I had fun with you today.”

Glimpsing out my window, I am shown a fragrant spring goodnight…

The nights are shorter now and the sky is cloudy and dark.

When it is time to be tucked in,

There is a soft patter of raindrops falling on my windowpane.

The earth is so thirsty for the fresh falling rain.

“Goodnight tulips and daffodils. Thank you for brightening my day.”

Watching out my window, I discover a sweet summer goodnight…

The window is open now because the nights are very warm.

The sun has not yet gone when I lay my head down to rest.

The chimney swift is flying about.

The bats are darting this way and that enjoying their bedtime snacks.

“Goodnight Mr. Locust. Thank you for singing me softly to sleep.”

Looking out my window, I meet with a colorful autumn goodnight…

The days are shorter again and it is dark when I go to sleep.

Golds, browns, reds and purples cover the trees and carpet the ground.

Chilly nights bid me well.

The sky is crystal clear and blanketed with all of the beautiful pictures created by the stars.

“Goodnight Orion and Pegasus. Thank you for all of the stories you tell.”

The snowmen of winter

And springs’ pretty flowers.

The songs of summer

And autumns’ lovely skies.

Every night the moon does rise

To share its goodness in our lives.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010


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My Soul

The most beautiful and bounteous amount of snow is blanketing our world in the northeast United States this evening. You would think that everything has reached a state of perfection. It is just breathtaking.

Tonight was payday. All of the kids had plans. So me and Jerry, my husband, went out for dinner. The sensuality of the sushi presented before me was  overwhelming. It was beautiful, wrapped in avocado, drizzled with low sodium soy sauce, a smidgen of wasabi, then followed by a slice of delightfully intoxicating ginger. I am so fulfilled at this moment.

Snow and sushi…

We ate our orange slices and devoured our fortune cookies. Mine was a cookie cutter fortune for me~A smile is nearly always inspired by another smile. My nickname as a child through the teenage years was always “Smiley.”
There was a period of  several years when I sheltered my smile because I was afraid. I was afraid of most everyone outside of my children. I allowed fear to take my smile away. That doesn’t happen anymore. I smile because I want to. I love to smile. And so here you have it 🙂

I love communicating through my blog. I am so grateful for my friends and loved ones that have always kept me dear to their hearts. Through everything! The good and the bad, the miserable and the lonely, the happy and even the sad. Thank you!

Well, Jerry then said, before I read him my fortune, “Oh no, this fortune belongs to you.” I said, “Are you sure, because this one is so me.”

“I am sure. This fortune belongs to you.” And so we traded our fortunes. He smiles a lot more since I have come into his life. (His blood pressure is great too.) So my fortune was good for him. My new fortune now reads, “Your dreams are never silly. Depend on them to guide you.” Hmmmm…

Dreams have only one owner at a time. That’s why dreamers are lonely. ~Erma Bombeck

As the time is drawing closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share a little daydream I had a few days ago. If I was an artist, the paintings I would give you would be breathtaking. And so I hope that my words can take you to the places I see in my mind and in my heart.

My soul flies to the highest
place in the heavens
To capture you there
To enrapture you there
To bring you back
To my little place in the world
To love you
For the rest of our days

Sweet dreams in pillows of snow, warming hearthside, side by side, nose to nose and toes to toes.

Kimberley Formosa © 2010

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